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Think Abroad, Think Premier

Settlement into a new land can be a real challenge, especially when you do not have any acquaintances there. However, when you know Premier-immigration, there is not much you need to bother about. While we may not be present at your immigration destination physically, we make our presence felt through our post-landing assistance services that help you in smooth settlement. Given below are few of our post landing assistance services rendered by us to our successful clients.

Scope of Services Under Post Landing Settlement Services

  • Airport Pick up
  • Purchase Health/Medical Insurance
  • Assistance in applying Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
  • Temporary Accommodation Assistance
  • Permanent Accommodation Assistance
  • School or College Admissions
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Driving License
  • Health Card
  • Job Search
  • And many more

Speak to us regarding what services you are looking for post landing service package details Contact us